Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach is tucked away in what I would call Grand Bahama Islands secret hideaway. Literately it’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the main parts of the island, yet close enough as to where a taxi ride into the main parts of Port Lucaya for some local cuisine won’t cost you a fortune.

Start out at the nearest bus stop and pick up an all day pass. It will set you back $7 per person, but it’s good for exactly 24 hours from when you purchase it and it will take you anywhere you would like to go.

Pool noodles come in various lengths and diameters. If you would like to make a huge basket you can use the whole noodle. If you want to make a smaller basket you can cut a piece off of the noodle before creating the basket. Curl the noodle into a circle then make it smaller and smaller until it’s the size you want. Mark the place where you need to cut it. It’s much easier to cut the noodle if you use a serrated knife. If you run the blade of the knife through a candle first it’ll be even easier.

When certain parts of your skin are exposed to harmful rays from the sun or UV radiation then you get dark spots that are known as brown spots. Lotions that contain sun protection factor or SPF are the cure for this skin condition. Whether it is sunny or not when you are going outside you should use SPF lotions. Even when the weather is humid there are UV rays. You can determine the level of SPF lotion you need by finding out how long you will be out under the sun. You will need higher skin protection if you are going to be out under the sun for longer periods of time. If you use a higher level of protection you won’t have to continuously reapply the lotion. Caps, long sleeves and look for outdoor umbrellas in brisbane are other options you can use to avoid UV rays.

Start “My Veggie Day”. Each family member gets to pick a vegetable one day of the week. They qualify to pick a vegetable as long as they tried each vegetable the week before, otherwise they loose a turn and Mom gets to pick.

My family has fair skin with our familial roots in Europe, which makes us much more prone to damage from the rays of the sun and more likely to have skin cancer.

It seems that skin cancer is a genetic thing in my family since two of my four brothers have also had surgery for skin cancer. One brother had basal cell carcinoma and the other brother was not sure what type of skin cancer he had, although his surgery was far more extensive than mine.

Bathroom: Change the way your bathroom looks simply by changing the design. Moreover, you can do this simply by putting additional accessories like brand new towel holders, floor mats, curtain rods, shower curtains and many more. You do not have to repaint or put new tiles. If you want to change the colors of the room, why not use masking tapes. They make good stripped wallpapers.