Are you a new copywriter? Copywriting is extremely lucrative and if you’re not surpassing your previous income in your first year, you’re just not trying. Let’s look at five secrets you can use today.

They have a Project contribution and ideas form you fill out. You have about 50 characters for the title of the project. Think like a marketer here and pull in eyeballs using something promising, not vague and unclear or else they won’t waste their time.

Be honest in the details you provide, especially when mentioning the timeframe. If you are saying that you will finish a job within 4 days, make sure you have 4 days free. Repeat this commitment in your bid description.

Modern design is all about precision and engineered products, with significant attention to detail. That can seem pretty intimidating to someone who is thinking about trying to make something themselves to save some money.

Well, for any task there is going to be more than one way to do it and you can bet that you will get what you ask for, I say this in this way because it can be a double edged sword. If you don’t go into some detail in your requirements the results may lack the required definition you hoped for and you may find you have no come back because you weren’t specific enough. You want to get your project planning right so your project gets done correctly and that should be a given constant for everything you do, your freelancers feel the same way, they want to get everything right first time.

With formatting, make sure you put the specific font and size as well as spacing. You might see two bids one for $500 and one for $1,000. Only the $500 provider plans on giving you double spaced, 14 point Arial font, where you only get about 250 words to a page.

For both options, you will soak the paper and water. At this point some people allow the natural process of absorption to proceed while others will prefer to add a tablespoon or two of cornstarch to the pulp to make a smoother surface or you can add a craft store liquid starch to the mix. There is not a wrong way to mix the paper and water solution with or without the addition of a starch. However, the paper will have a nicer texture for writing or drawing. If you choose to use a raw paper without starch that is perfectly fine. You will need to soak the paper for at least a few hours. You can soak the paper for two, three, four hours or even a day if you wish. The object is to allow the paper to thoroughly soak in the water. You want the paper pulp mix to absorb as much water as possible.

Lastly, if you’ve followed these tips and still aren’t finding yourself getting freelance projects you make consider upgrading your account above the free or individual levels. This suggests a more professional operation and may make clients more comfortable with you. Also consider completing the eLance skills tests, which show your competency in certain areas.