One of the most basic questions in weight training is “how many times a week should I train for best results?” EVERYBODY has wondered this at some point in their training career, from the complete beginner to the most advanced professional.

I must draw a marked distinction here however between Alex’s latent admission and Rod’s continued defiance regarding their respective cheating. Alex does offer a semblance of hope, for which I’m exceedingly grateful.

Soccer Zoo: Use animals that your child knows. Tell them, “Kick the ball like a monkey!” and encourage them to be silly, imaginative and creative while running around after their soccer ball. Make it twice the fun by pretending to be the animal too!

16. Have a Reading Theme Party where guests dress up like their favorite book characters. They can play Musical Chairs with a twist. Under each chair, place a book. When the music stops, the guests read part of that book. Take note of one child and make sure to stop the music when he is at different places. In that way, everyone gets to read several books. As a party treat, try giving a gift certificate to a bookstore where children may want to find a particular book and finish reading the whole thing!

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A good way to demonstrate this is by using myself as an example in different phases of training that I’ve been through. You will see, according to all the different factors, how I changed my training frequency and training schedules to maximize results.

The points from the “power play dunk” didn’t cost the Celtics the game last night. The Celtics had opportunities to make up for that and they didn’t. The referees didn’t cost the Celtics the game, either. The Celtics cost the Celtics the game. And if they don’t get their heads together and focus on playing 48 minutes of basketball, the Celtics are going to cost themselves a lot more games down the road.