Have you noticed funny looking squares on some business cards you receive or in some advertisements or on billboards around your town? They are called QR codes. In the past year they are becoming more noticeable but a lot of people are still not aware of QR codes and how to use them.

At the very first moment when you are creating your profile, you should select a god my blog. You should choose such a picture that says a lot about your business. You can choose your business logo or brand logo, so that it can represent your business to the more number of people.

The blessing and curse of internet marketing is that there are literally endless systems you can experiment with. My advice is that you use your own intuition. You find the approaches that feel like the best fit for you, whether that’s AdWords, online video marketing, social media, article marketing, blogging, or forum marketing.

Update your operating system. No matter what brand of computer you are on you have to update the critical security patches for your Windows operating system. Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP after 2014, so start thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 (which is pretty sweet). Go to Windows Update. Why anyone would keep XP running unless they had to is a mystery to me. It’s a dog who has been kicked too many times.

2) Then use good ole Google or the search engine of your choice and search for blogs of people in your niche. You are looking for people with complementary products or services to yours. Those who are also active on social media will have links on their blogs to their setting up social profile. So what you should do is to follow them. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Subscribe to their RSS feed as well and their newsletter if they have one.

One great feature about LinkedIn is their groups. Click the groups tab up top and search for some of your interests. There are groups for nearly any interest for every person. Once you join some groups browse through the posts, comment or “like” them or even create your own. There is a ton of things to learn in these groups!

Your page needs to look professional. Since your Facebook page will be seen by many, you want it to portray a professional image. Have a profile picture, and fill in as much of the information as you can. Make sure the information remains accurate as well.