Playing the guitar is one of the most fulfilling and fun activities to do. Nothing beats hanging out with your band, making great music and playing your own compositions or a cover of your favorite band.

If you’re genuine and are looking to buy, they should let you try out guitar s. There’s not reason you shouldn’t try out guitars in the shop and if they refuse, it’s probably because the guy is just having a bad day. You might have to go back on a Monday afternoon when it’s quieter. Saturday afternoons are the busiest so avoid them if you can. Always take your jacket or belt off when you try out a bass guitar to avoid scratching the back of it with zips and buckles.

Mic placement for acoustic drums is not a science, but an art. I will just lay out the rule of thumb for a basic kit and you, or the drummer, can go from there. There are many factors when considering mic placement such as room size, player dynamics, and the type of mic used.

3- Have a relaxation ritual. There are stretching and deep-breathing exercises you can look up that can release tension in your shoulders and lower back (a common place where we store stress). When you’re as tense as a drawn bowstring, throttle back and stretch. Take a walk if you feeling like throwing things. It’ll save you from a possible lawsuit by removing yourself from temptation (and possible targets)and the exercise can clear your head.

Why does the price vary so much between similar guitars? Usually this is down to the quality of the materials used which goes hand in hand with the brand name. A top brand like Fender Strats are much more expensive than similarly shaped other brands and you can expect to pay more but also expect to get higher quality woods, finishes and hardware. That said, the cheaper guitars made abroad are actually very good these days and are perfect for beginners who don’t want to splash out a huge amount. You’ll do fine with a copy of a major brand to start off with.

Don’t get discouraged if you are not progressing as fast as you would like (believe me, no one progresses as fast as they want). Break down your ultimate goal into smaller steps and mark them off when you have achieved them. In this way you can measure your success or notice the progression.

Good use of EQ. Protools has a powerful array of EQ tools, so use them in the way described above to scope out a place for the guitar track. You want to keep it away from the other instruments, to fill up as much of the tonal space of the song as possible. If you have multiple guitars in a song, use panning in addition to EQ to keep the areas separated.