My user name says it all, but in all honesty I haven’t touched the Mary Jane since I was a teen. 18 to be precise. However at one time I was a green grass specialist. hehe. When you smoked the way I did you had it all (except for money, because I spent most of it on all my special skunks), as the pot fanatic I was, I had to have unique ways to smoking it. You know, bongs, hammers, water pipes, and of course your standard cheap gas station glass pipe.

Choose the right elbow joint. This is one of the things to consider that many smokers seem to ignore. A flat elbow joint is your best bet because it can give your pipe a nice surface to sit on that is stable and solid. Some smokers still go for the well-marketed round elbow joint, but this only offers greater possibility for your pipe to tip over, spilling the tobacco and ruining your experience.

The unique crystal elephant pipe is really an elegant glass pipe edition that is a must for your collection. The upturned trunk design is the pipe stem which represents good luck in the Indian culture. This Pyrex glass piece can stand firmly on its own to make a decorative piece anywhere.

There are glass water pipes that come with good color changing options which are made up of top quality glass. Skilled craftsmen make these pipes with great care and skill. These pipes are quite good even for collector items.

Glass Spoon Pipes- Hand blown custom glass pipes are the best and cheapest pipe you can buy. Each pipe is unique and creative. Experience glass blowers add a beautiful touch to the design of glass spoon pipes. Glass pipes will not be affected by the glass being heated when lighting tobacco.

4 Burning the fire evenly – The tobacco should continue to burn for that take in pulls from the pipe regularly in every 30 to 60 seconds. If the tobacco begins burning unevenly, use the flat part of the tamper again to even out the burn ring. The tobacco can be smoked until it is burned through three quarters of the way. If the last quarter is smoked it will be hot and bitter.

Glass water bubblers are a big hit amongst all the global smokers. The fumes of the smoke pass through the water and prevent a burning sensation in the mouth, airways and lungs. The quality of glass and art is superb and blows the mind of every smoker. The water used in these bubblers doesn’t wash away the smoking substance and adds no extra flavor to the smoke. It is used to filter the impurities while in haling smoke.