Generally when a new person embarks on a new MLM home business they are usually trained to first make a list of people they know who they can approach to share their new business and hopefully have those friends and family see the opportunity as they have and join them in their venture (known as the Warm Market).

Now imagine for a moment you share this strategy with your entire team, upline and downline. (Yes, you can retail both products to all of them!) And what about your newest recruits? What would happen if you showed them how to get into profits immediately? That’s right. They’ll NEVER quit if they’re making money.

Any time you talk to a purchased lead that says he or she was looking for a job, chances are you have been had and the lead company is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

If you are using real time leads, then make sure you call each lead as you receive the details. You should also ensure to match your work schedule by pausing and un-pausing your lead delivery.

Now search the internet for life insurance qualified solar leads. At least you are told they are exclusive. Taking a chance you shell out $460.00 for 20 solar appointments sworn to be the best available, 6 of these life insurance prospects agree to an appointment, and you sell two an average policy of $600.00. Now you netted out, before gas, $1,200. This semi-improvement reflects after expenses, income tax earnings of $50,000. A big step up, but it’s certainly not worth bragging about.

This will not only benefit you and the agents you are working with but also the clients who will get the benefit of working with a specialist in the area that suits their needs.

From my experience any mortgage lead purchased online is non exclusive although they will claim that they are. Ok ok let me be a little more fair most of the I net leads are non exclusive even if they are shopped off as exclusive. Truth is the leads are being shopped to you, me and who knows who else at a low price. Think about it’s pretty silly to let go of 10 exclusive leads at $500.00 (affordable price by the way) greed always kicks in 500 X x-amount of prospected buyers…hmmm.. now that’s a lump that can sit in someone’s savings account. I’m not trying to be negative I’ve just letting you know what happens.