There are two types of email. These are known as POP which stands for Post Office Protocol or IMAP which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. You should discuss the best method for your email setup with your website hosting company and it can be changed easily. All email setup should be included with your website hosting package although often you will be charged extra for additional addresses.

cheap website hosting is not low rental hosting. It means the best services at the best price. Determine your hosting needs like the uptime you need, free domain, emails, storage space and other requirements. Make a chart of the services and then look for the web host that suits to your need and fits into your pocket.

Such website can be hosted on your own domain or you can use the free website hosting services. Create your own website and make it a portfolio of yours. You can also create your portfolios in the freelancing and work from home websites that offer various jobs in them. Job sites offer this facility to its subscribers.

So you have the hosting company with the website builder tool you want to choose. The next step is to signup for an account. Either you are going for a free or paid service, read carefully the contract.

As the world moves forward so do different companies crop up to gratify needs of 1 dollar hosting. With so many springing up we need to filter the best at the same time viable economically. A little bit of looking around should do the trick. It should give you round the clock service and give you a lot of options for hosting your site with room for expansion. A program so designed that you earn money and your hosting pays for itself. It is absolutely useless to have a website that could be down when you least expect.

First thing first, find out about their Help Section and Technical information facilities. The good and cheap web hosting supplier is the one that supply’s you email, phone and live chat (for the packages) 24/7. Whenever you need support, they really need to be able to create a satisfactory response in less than 24 hours. To give them ago, post them an letter with some general query, or, chat with their team on their live help. If the support team are able to answer your query in a sufficient time frame, they might seem to be a decent candidate in your selection process.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “I need thousands of subscribers” before I can email them with other offers. Many small online businesses thrive with a subscriber base as low as 500.