Today, the press releases still help companies get media coverage (up blogs and podcasts currently), can also provide benefits for search engine optimization or SEO.

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Ask what the members they like to see happen. Remember that a public forum is like an animal, which is unpredictable. It may start with one idea, but as the community is established, it can grow into something else. As long as the people happy, the information, and the goals you set out are getting across to help the people that you wish to connect with there is not really a problem.

Xlibris. Xlibris is a partner with Random House Ventures, but not a part of the Random House group. Their Basic Package costs $499 for essentially the same services Lulu offers for $99.95 (they do throw in 5 free copies of your book, which lowers the cost somewhat).

Start a promotions business. If you didn’t fancy starting and running a physical business then why not promote, market and advertise other peoples businesses. You could do this over the weekend, in your spare time and make money.

An endorsement from a customer – a real, named and preferably pictured customer – is a great way of catching a householder’s eye. The more genuine you can make it seem the better.

Use keywords throughout your articles. You can sprinkle keywords on your title, on the body of your article, and even on your resource box so your article will be indexed by search engines.