One job that I hate to do is clean the bathroom. Why? Because with everyone in my house is using it and because of this the bathroom is constantly getting dirty. Everyday it becomes necessary to make cleaning the bathroom a daily chore. It is a dirty job, and I am the one who is stuck doing it.

Simplify and depersonalize by removing family pictures and sentimental objects. Store the old shabby chair and extra television set. Keep personal items like cosmetics, kitchen renovations, or toys in containers that are easy to take in out of a cabinet. Keep a few cleaning supplies in a tub under the sink, so a quick clean up is easy to accomplish when someone calls to come see the house.

There is nothing worse than rummaging through your tent trying to find a clean shirt or clean underwear. Keep dirty clothes in a separate bag so you don’t get clean/dirty mixed up (try a lightweight cotton stuff bag). This will also keep your clean clothes fresh!

Keep it simple. Just because your best friend is getting married, doesn’t mean you have to provide the world for them. It is very easy to think that the amount you spend represents how you feel about these individuals. That isn’t always the case, in fact providing your friends with something that carries sentimental value and brings back memories of the past might just do the trick. This is a way for you to give a gift from the heart, rather than from you wallet.

One product that makes all the difference in the world is their Kathryn Steam Pivot Shower Door. This shower door actually brings the feeling of a glamorous day spa into your bathroom. Taking a shower within the Steam doors is as close as it gets to stepping into luxury and not only just getting through your shower as a morning wake-up, or after work clean up, but instead as the “morning pick me up” or after work “ultimate stress relief”.

I choose furniture that was also used for storage. Our coffee table was a trunk that held extra bedding and blankets, freeing up closet space for appliances. We owned a couch that had space underneath, I bought plastic storage bins that were made to fit under a bed. I stored off season clothing in these bins. Another item you may want to consider are baskets. I purchased baskets that were kept near my husband’s chair to catch extra mail, books and magazines he would want accessible.

It is no trouble to pack a few extras supplies in a zip lock bag in your suitcase. Remember to put them inside of a plastic bag in case of rough luggage handling and spills. This will protect your clothes and other items from damage.