If you are toying with the idea of getting your first tattoo done, have questions about the whole process and are feeling anxiety about getting it done; relax because most everyone feels the same about their first tattoo. Most peoples minds play games with them and they develop a fear of the unknown. This feeling has an adverse effect on most and makes us shy away from doing some of the things that we really want to do, like getting my first tattoo, but are afraid to take a chance. Rolla coasters are a good example for most people.

There are most definitely areas of your body where a tattoo will hurt more than others. The level of pain has to do with the amount of fat and muscle that exists over the bone. When choosing the location for your tattoo, you should not base it on the area that will hurt the least. Any tattoo you get is going to hurt, just some may hurt more or less than others. Pick the spot where you want your tattoo and remember that even though you will be in pain for some time, you will have your tattoo for the rest of your life which far outweighs the amount of time you will be in pain.

Avoid hot tubs pool water or tattoo equipment soaking in the tub during the first two weeks. This is to avoid the fading of the ink due to excess hydration and to prevent the exposure to bacteria.

For example, I have a tribal design first started over ten years ago on my left thigh. Over the years I have added further sections to it, taking it down to my lower thigh. Although the individual work has been completed over many years, none of the tattoo has aged or changed in any way. It looks like one solid tattoo completed in one sitting.

Getting a professional artist to do your ink can be the first step in ensuring you get the best results possible. A well trained artist knows exactly how far into the skin the ink has to go to ensure that it remains there, and doesn’t go so deep as to cause an infection. Do your research. Look for a licensed shop, and form their find out which of their artists is the best to do your particular tattoo. The extra attention given to selecting your artist will pay off big time in the long run.

Most tattoo sterilization equipment parlors will require payment for their services before they begin. This again will vary from shop to shop and each will vary in the types of payment that they accept. You should always request a receipt for your payment.

You will need 2 products for the healing process – lotion and ointment. These will be your best friends on your tattoo aftercare journey. If you haven’t bought any ointment by this point, you should do so immediately. A&D vitamin enriched ointment is recommended. Avoid using Vaseline or petroleum products. For the tattoo to heal, it must be moist to repair the damaged skin. Keep the tattoo moist for a at least a week.

Hiring a tattoo designer for your next tattoo is certainly a great idea. With so many benefits mentioned above, you wouldn’t want to leave the chance.