Diabetes can never be diagnosed unless the person is sure that he is suffering from diabetes. The knowledge of normal blood glucose levels is critical. After a fast of 8 to 12 hours the normal blood glucose levels of non diabetics should be between 70 mg/dL and 100 mg/dL. This is the normal blood glucose range for the non diabetics after a fast of 8 to 12 hours.

More than 20 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes, nearly a third of whom are living with the disease and don’t even know it, says the American diabetes Association.

When your blood is tested for glucose and insulin, glucose will be high but insulin will probably be lower. That is one way to tell adult onset type 1 from type 2 diabetes.

Why is it that when someone that knows about diabetes and how it can ravage the human body when not understood and cared for, recommends to someone that they seek education about the disease so they can take better care of themselves, they refuse to do so. So often they rely on a friend they know with the disease and choose to get advice from them, a terrible idea. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there. Often they will tell me that they read a book about diabetes or heard a TV doctor talk for ten minutes about it, or was told by their doctor just to “watch it”. What on earth does that mean? What is the patient supposed to watch? They don’t know what to watch because they never got educated about diabetes!

The fasting comment inverser le diabete type 2 level test is usually performed when check for diabetes, it is done after fasting fro 8 hours. The normal range for this test should be between 70-99 mg/dl. There is also another test called the postprandial blood sugar test, which is done 2 hours after eating a meal, and the normal range for this test should be between 70-145 mg/dl. A person could also do a random blood test for checking his sugar levels, here the normal range should be between 70-125 mg/dl. If the results fall outside this range frequently, then it could indicate a upcoming problem.

Do you dread visits to your doctor? Does he make you feel discouraged? Worse, does he make you feel invisible? Doctors themselves suffer from burnout, and if yours is one of those doctors, you need to go somewhere else if you can.

When you buy a product that tests your blood, you want it to be fast, simple and effective. It`s important to keep track of everything whether you download it on the computer or write it down in a book.