If you own a boat then you know just how bad the elements can treat it. A boat is a pricey investment but as anyone who owns a boat already knows, it is an investment that is well worth the price. A boat can bring fun, excitement, and great joy to the owner, so you want to treat it as best as you can. Keeping your boat in great condition is going to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the boat for decades to come.

Dust, bird droppings, tree sap, salt air and moisture not to mention the intense heat of the sun can all damage the finish, prop or interior seats and chrome finishing of your pride and joy. Snow and Ice can also take their toll, especially if the climate rises above and below freezing as we all know water expands when frozen. Don’t let the environment cause unsightly blemishes to your boat. Why not purchase a boat cover? Boat covers are available for all makes and models these days. They even have console covers and outboard motor covers. The Elite brand offers a quality product along with other manufacturers such as Budge.

Your second option is to purchase a ready made Bayliner boat cover, which can very well be perfect as the company itself manufactures them with their boats in mind. All you have to do it is to provide them with a model number of your boat and they will do the rest.

Now that your boat is cleaned, stabilized, charged, and greased the last step is to replace all of your safety equipment. You should verify anything that is going back into your boat will not be damaged when the temps dip below the freezing mark.

marine vhf radio tie down straps should also be tight. You don’t want your boat bouncing around on your trailer. It’s not good for your boat or your trailer. It will also earn you some Barney points.

Use the proper fuel to oil mix for your engine ( if you have that type of engine). If you must mix your own fuel, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Too little or too much oil can harm your engine, affect overall performance and reduce fuel efficiency.

These kind are meant to cover the main part of the boat therefore are considered the best. They are held by the use of ropes so that they do not come off or damage easily. They are not very good as they are not fitted on the boat but they offer protection to your boat as well. No matter how much money you have, you will surely get a boat cover that will be the best for your boat. Look for ones that are long lasting not the weak ones that will stay for few months and they are damaged by either wind or rain.