Graphic Designing has become an increasingly popular career path these days. This is a form of visual communication and allows people to be creative and explore their imagination. Designers can find work in many fields. They can find work in films and movies, advertisement agencies, web designing and animation schools.

Everyone who’s anyone is on Facebook. The Facebook iPhone app is one of my favorite apps. It makes it very easy to communicate with all of my friends as well as business connections. I am invited to quite a few business events locally and I like to send invites as well.

Internships are stepping stones for what you want to do in life. Starting with an internship, you can gain knowledge and experience in the industry. You can use what you learned and turn it into a career for yourself. If you follow the three key’s (Communications skills, Solid Education, and ability to work in teams) you will get higher your chances of getting that internship.

DO: Show up! Whatever your current circle of friends and relationships, this week go someplace else! Keep adding new circles of influence and expand the range of your interests and involvements. Keep growing the circle!

Online community for sports are interesting experiences. Some internship give you a stipend or wage, while others offer school credit. Some internships offer you nothing but a glimpse, a glimpse into your possible future career can be very valuable. Internships let you hover around and things out. Use them as opportunities to investigate. Rule out bad experiences, and try to find something that you like in every situation.

Starting whilst in college is a good idea, as it would give you enough time to prepare yourself for the big task! You could start in your senior year by learning how to gear your resume and cover letters to suit your interests and seem impressive to the reviewer.

DO: Join and contribute to worth-while groups and causes. You have to put in before you can take out. Be known as a generous person with lots to give.

So, these are the 5 iPhone apps that I use to assist in my business networking activities. I guess you could say while I love my computer, I can’t carry it in my pocket. Plus, the iPhone is so much fun!