Most homeowners in San Diego are familiar with the term Mello Roos. A Mello Roos tax is a tax that is charged homeowners to help recover a builder’s cost for putting in roads, schools, sewers, electrical and water (often called the Off-site expenses). If you have purchased a home in the last several years you know that it is a tax that you pay annually – a very expensive tax.

Notice that you’re not saying subject to their acceptance. You’re saying subject to their right to decline it for a specific reason. If they were going to refer it to an attorney, it would be a legal reason. If they were going to refer it to their CPA, it would be a tax reason and so on. But try to get it nailed down to a specific reason.

Fix your credit. You probably cannot pay off everything, but you can make smart choices. Did you know certain debt looks worse than others do? If you have a choice of paying off that nagging low interest student loan or your credit cards. Choose the credit cards.

Reflect the room – This is a fantastic way to use a floor-length or other large-scale mirror. It gives the illusion of doubling your royal green. To clarify the matter further: This is a great idea if the room you’re reflecting is cozy, inviting, and complete. This is not a good plan if the room you’re doubling is dismal, trashed, or dated.

The phone rings and its one of your “seasoned” investors. They already drove out to the house, they love it, and they want to buy it!! They’re going to fax you a contract this afternoon and bring you that $1000 Non Refundalbe Binder Deposit that you require on every deal you sell. Cool! WOO HOO! Awesome. What an easy sale. You’re sitting at lunch while others are out looking at the hot property you landed just yesterday, and they are ready to stroke a check and sign the contract.

If you’ve hired a lawyer to do the calculations for you, the court would question the lawyer and not you. Because, they’re under the impression that you wanted to pay your taxes, however the blunder on the part of the lawyer prevented you from doing so.

Reflect the architecture – Mirrors are a great way to draw attention to wonderful architectural features, especially those that might otherwise be missed. The mirror in the picture is a great example of this technique. Reflect an elaborate staircase, fine crown molding, the antique fireplace, the shape of an archway, or a beautiful door. Don’t waste a mirror’s potential by having it stare pathetically at a blank wall or the ceiling.

If you decide that you are truly interested in the field, then do everything in your power to become a legal secretary who is valued above all others. Make your training, knowledge and experience pay off for you. You won’t be sorry that you did!