Too much information isn’t a good thing, especially on your homepage. It will overwhelm visitors, it looks unorganized and it will take too long for people to find what they are looking for.

After you write up a description of your project and submit it, potential assistants see your new project and submit bids for your job. I also proactively search for potential candidates and ask the ones I think are best for my tasks to submit a bid on my project.

One way to build that solid business relationship is through email. Using email to build rapport, and more importantly using an auto responder to make regular contact, is proven to be the single most effective way to build a profitable company. Statistics show that a prospect hardly ever buys on their first visit to a website, whatever is being sold. It usually takes up to seven more requests to get people to buy.

Finally, depending on what kind of website you are constructing, you may be interested in creating a revenue stream from displaying ads. You want to display those ads prominently and give them as much exposure as possible to help try to generate more money. Therefore, your best or most important ads should also be above the fold.

BUILD TRUST. Show what you know by writing articles concerning your sector of activity. Demonstrate your know-how and submit to ezines. Include feedback from customers on your services or products. Show that others have used your services and that they were satisfied. Include your address, phone number, your names, photos of your business, videos, and a quick and easy contact us form. Use SSL certificates on pages that handle sensitive information, create a privacy policy, and tell your publicize both. Make your design look as modern as possible. Web savvy visitors do not trust bad looking websites.

Bad cheap website design. First impression lasts, this means that even though your website may possess good content, visitors may be forced to look for another website the moment they see how bad or disorganized your content is displayed. A good example of a bad design would be poor text and background color combination which may cause eye strain for most visitors.

Avoid splash pages- while they may look pretty when well designed, they serve no real purpose and they can be a deterrent to your visitors. A splash page can actually encourage visitors to click away. Instead, you want them to see all the value that your website has to offer from the start.

Web design is the type of thing that gets better with time. While it is a type of art form and you may want to show off all of your favorite skills and abilities, this is not always the best choice with a website. The website design should be easy to navigate.