I am sure that in the year passing by…you all have learned a lot and achieved a lot. There must be few celebrations; few rewards and awards too. We all know that not all days are same. You too might had a mix of feelings and emotions in your life, in the year 2006…hurt, pain, celebrations, joy, feel of pride and achievements, many smiles and pampering too.

During my creative mini retreat, I pack learn more items into a bag to take with me. I also have a note book in my bag. The notebook has sections for various creative projects I am working on currently. In each section of my notebook, I have created a mind map. I was introduced to the concept of mind mapping years ago, while living in England with my family, through Tony Buzan’s book, Mind Maps. It is an engaging way to connect with your right brain and brainstorm ideas for working projects.

Themed sympathy food baskets can also help when personalizing them. The best way to do this is look for a theme that fits the person. This may be a sweet combination, or one with salty and crunchy snacks.

You don’t need to “diet” to lose weight. Many people’s diets are screwed up. They are basically ass backwards and they eat the wrong things at the wrong time. I can’t blame them though because a lot of the garbage that is read in the magazines and seen on t.v. is old and rehashed. Plus, the magazines have to make a lot of their money in advertising, but that is a totally different animal. If you just switched to a balanced healthy diet, increased your lean protein intake, added more veggies, cut out the wheat and sugar, the weight will naturally fall off for most people. That is not a diet per say, just healthy eating.

We first need to set a goal and then develop a strategy to achieve it. By undertaking a fitness program in the morning you can accomplish positive things. Most people begin the day with little in their stomachs so are able to burn calories and fat easier and thus obtain faster results. Our energy levels increase and we become more alert providing us with motivation to continue. Many will tell you that after a few weeks of early morning workouts they accomplish much more personally early in the day.

The fact remains that divorce is in the works and you have to act in a sane confident mannor and protect yourself. Even if part of you is saying lets get together, still you must work the ugly divorce process and make it work for you. You need a life and you need to be sure you get out of this divorce the things you need for it.

Daniel is a great protagonist. He’s easy to like and an all around good kid. He stands up for what is right and he’s not afraid to get a little good-natured revenge when the opportunity arises. Johnny doesn’t quite see it that way, and is content with seriously hurting him. Fortunately, Mr. Miyagi, who has been most generous with fixing things and introducing him to the beauty of bonsai trees, is also a master of karate. He’s knowledgeable when it comes to fish and fighting, and strikes a deal with the merciless Kreese (“This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class!”). His negotiation grants a truce between the students for two months until he can teach Daniel to fight against Johnny in a real karate tournament.

Remember these tips: Choose a location that appeal to you. A cafe, library or a park with weather being so nice right now. Pack your bag with items that inspire you. Maybe include motivational quotes or stories. Make it colorful and fun. Take crayons or markers with you to make your ideas beautiful. Take a notebook or journal. One last tip, I start my Creative Mini-Retreat by doing something relaxing. I might pick up a beautiful magazine and looking at the pictures for inspiration. I would suggest your find your own tool that relaxes your mind before you engage into connecting it to your creative side.