“Well Larrr die dar” (cue snooty head tilt and subsequent posh nose sniffle). In practicing my best impersonation of the Queen, I felt that after ten repetitions I was ready to remove the tattered book off my head and head out to Little Bourke Street’s royally named La Di Da. Upon approach, a three hundred metre line up of “eff offs” and “screw yous” told me that maybe, just maybe I had misinterpreted the labelling on my social cup of chamomile tea.

Coloring concrete this way is through a process called acid staining. The entire process of what is done is a little technical but here is how it works. You take your base concrete floor, it can be a new slab, an old floor, and it can already be painted or just plain. Then you apply a mixture of chemical stains, they refer to it as an acid stain, but the acid is not what actually colors the exposed aggregate driveways. Stay with me, here is where it gets a little technical.

Do not land-lock a section of your yard that may later need drains, sprinklers or heavy construction material. Place in advance or remove such items concrete contractors and install necessary drains and sprinklers. If it is not convenient to run the sprinklers at this time, run 4 inch drainpipe sleeves under the stream or section of pond to enable running low voltage wire and sprinkler lines later.

I reached the top of the bluff about 11 a.m. By that time our lead elements had reached a road that parallels the shoreline, and they were trying to get their bearings. Keep in mind that they had gone through a tremendous ordeal getting up there, and the whole unit was shot with confusion. It was operating like groups of commandos until some semblance of regimental control began to assert itself, which I would say wasn\’t until around 4 to 5 p.m. at the earliest. Colonel Taylor set up his CP in the yard of a farmhouse atop the bluff. The shelling was still heavy. I remember I was walking near one wall, and when a shell came in, I dove for cover and landed in a huge pile of manure along with the colonel, which caused a laugh at the time.

Are you getting the picture? If you want to look like a computer printout, then be my guest and go for the kaisho style. That’s your choice. But I think you probably want to use either gyousho or sousho for your tattoo. My personal preference would be gyousho: It’s stylish, but it won’t leave even native speakers baffled.

Visualize it. First you see it, then you create it. I love this step because you get to feel what’s it like to create your goal, to see it, experience it before you actually manifest it physically. Take 10 minutes and create a mental movie of your goal. I always have my goal moving in my mind. I don’t picture a still picture and I include people I know to my visualize, often talking to me, asking me how I manifested my goal so quickly.

You might not be able to recover some of the memories that you no longer have. But by following the tips laid out in this article, you can be sure that you are always holding on to the new memories you make. Gain the knowledge you need to build strong memories by using this advice.