If you have a bike, be it one for the mountains, beach, or for exercise, it is important to make sure it fits your body properly. After all, cycling comfort and efficiency begin with a bike that fits right.

Re-assembly time now. I place the new head gasket on the block and carefully align it. I place the head back on the block and then I pick up the new head bolts I had purchased. It is always a good idea to replace used head bolts with new ones. Considering the extremely high torque values employed, those old bolts could very well be stretched just a tiny bit. Stretched just enough that they may be just a tad longer than when new. Just enough that they may have lost their tempering. And that might mean the bolt is actually twisting around it’s own center, instead of threading itself down and clamping the head against he block. Not a chance I am willing to take when for about eleven dollars I can remove any doubt.

Patch a radiator hose: I’m in my third decade of driving and have never once wished I knew how to do this. I’m floored that this is the number-one item on their list.

While inspecting your tires ensure that they have the adequate amount of pressure. When your tires are properly inflated, they are not as easy to damage or become punctured and it makes you safer while riding the bike. If you find a small leak in a tire, you should patch it as soon as possible so and not to create a bigger problem to solve.

Most manufacturers recommend using a Torque Wrench when tightening lug nuts. They will specify a certain ft/lb to dial in on the Best Torque Wrench Under 100. This insures the nuts are tightened properly. Over tightening can damage the studs and possibly lead to a failure in the future. Here is what happens. When the nuts are tightened, the studs will stretch. This tension holds the wheels on to the rim. If you over tighten the studs you can damage them and they could fail.

People are killed every year after being crushed underneath their vehicle because they did not observe a second level of redundancy while using jack stands. I recently read a heartfelt post in a forum written by a father whose son was crushed underneath a vehicle and lost his life. The father stated how much his son loved working on cars and had he taken proper safety measures, he might still be with us today. What’s you’re life worth? You can’t put a price on it. You are priceless! Put in the extra effort to be safe.

Start the motorcycle and let it idle for about 3 minutes and then turn the engine off. Check the dipstick with a clean towel. Put the dipstick back in and then take it out again and check where the level is. If the oil level is under the lower mark, you may need to add more lubricant to complete your oil change.