The Introduction – This is the part that opens and that presents the main directions of your proposal. Basically, you need to present your future business and to explain the main reasons why you selected it. Furthermore, try to pinpoint the main advantages of your proposal.

The next day, the Director called me to reiterate that courses such as mine aren’t promising, but she just happened to know a Alternative news agency wants a program similar to mine.

Frank: This is the part that is most difficult for most to accept. The only explanation I know of is that the Bible is the inspired revelation of a God outside our limited dimensions, reaching out and revealing Himself to us. We know that the Old Testament was in existence as an integral document, translated from Hebrew to Greek 300 years before Christ in the Egyptian learning center of Alexandria. Yet it gives hundreds of prophesies about Jesus’ coming, some as specific as to the sleepy village He would be born in, named Bethlehem, and that He would be crucified, in death, when that barbaric method of capital punishment was not yet being used. So the difference of hundreds of years as opposed to a couple of thousand, just places the revelation outside of the constraints of time.

The process of earning free groceries and free gasoline will take time and effort. The one-time fee that you pay for the grocery voucher is equivalent to one week’s grocery purchase. You are going to buy groceries any way, so, why not make this one-time investment and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses once and for all. If you can get free groceries once a month, this investment will be worthwhile for you. Most American families are spending anywhere from $700 to $1,000 a month on groceries. Imagine if you could eliminate this monthly expense. This would free up anywhere from $8,400 to $12,000 a year which you could use take your family on the long vacation to a paradise island. Discount grocery voucher is one way that you can lessen the pain at the Governmental Corruption cash register.

For those of us engaged in marketing, MLM, network marketing, on-line businesses of all varieties, in other words, sales, that suspicion is the elephant in the room or on the phone that must be dealt with.

Is this how the original founding fathers envisioned our government to work? These actions are completely against the spirit of the Constitution and hence are unConstitutional! Is this an example of our elected leaders representing the people? Is this a glaring example of Taxation WITHOUT Representation? Why should we as a people send any more tax dollars to this government? WHY?

So why is marijuana illegal? Because of greed and ignorance for all I can tell. Please, for the sake of our country and the sanity of it’s inhabitants, if decriminalization of marijuana becomes a proposal, be a patriotic American and vote pot in. Make your voice heard. Every culture shares a love for marijuana. It’s a cause that can unite America. No matter what your age, race or gender, marijuana has played a part in most American’s lives. Harass your state representatives in the house and senate that you want your right to prosper. After all, it is a right that the country was founded on. It may not be just your country you save. It might be your planet.

We have crippled our upper class through stagnancy and our lower class through squalor. Greater innovation, progress, and opportunity await all in this new world. A world where all would have the opportunity to use their ambition, their creativity, and their intelligence for a truly meritocratic gain which would benefit all in society. What I am talking about is not merely revolution. It is evolution, and the birth of a new, better, and more free world!