Inspiration is what we desire most times to drive us to our goals and fulfill our ambitions. Given the doldrums that could surround us it is difficult at times to even have the willingness to get out of bed. It is during these times that we ask our selves the question of what all our effort and time is in aid of. Below are five important sources for inspirational energy that drive us to achieve.

My initial motivation to fitness was my wife Kelly. Her journey to fitness has inspired me and I am motivated to share her story with others. She also has motivated me to strive to be a better person, physically, mentally and spiritually. Motivation is a positive energy and as it feeds it gets bigger and stronger.

As simple as it may sound, many people tend to get them mixed up. They fail to understand the differences between the both and they often think they are using towards motivation when they are actually using away motivations and vice verse.

Follow me can also be drawn from a great book, movie or play. Look keenly around you for a role model. A single person can change your life for the better. Learn about the lives of great men and know what drove them to achieve impossible feats. Take failure in your stride and be persistent in your efforts.

The other day I shared with a fellow entrepreneur (she’s also a friend and a proven inspirational leader) a powerful experience which served as an example of all these inspirational elements at work, in concert with one another. It was scheduled as a simple breakfast meeting, during which we were to discuss details of an ambitious project which will be a joint venture of our two firms. An hour, maybe ninety minutes. And while we did spend a good 45 minutes at the end of the meeting taking good care of our project business, the discussion lasted almost three-and-a-half hours and was dominated by contemplation of a difficult personal situation in which my friend finds herself.

Watch an inspiring movie. There are lots of them out there! Remember some flick you saw ten years ago, one that left you with an uplifted feeling? Fire up the VCR or DVD player, and watch it again. I watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” several times a year, even in the summer time, just to rekindle that feeling of inspiration it always gives me. Which movie will do it for you?

Few people have this type of motivation, as it takes a tremendous dedication and an incredible amount of work. But it is the fastest way to success, and even if you are not concerned with reaching the highest levels in your field, it can help you achieve your goals faster. Many people become enthused about something, but lose their enthusiasm when they find out how much work is involved. The super-motivated don’t let this stop them; they never lose their dream.

Your natural born motivation and happiness will appear automatically when you find your place in life and begin doing something you love. Once you find motivation and happiness, you can triumph over life’s obstacles, disadvantages, and discouragements and become as successful as you desire.