Everyone knows that strong locks and a quality home alarm system will keep most criminals out of your home. However, what are the least obvious techniques for keeping your family safe? Here are five unconventional tactics that are great for home security.

Even when you know that your judgment debtor has a bank Safe deposit box (SDB), those are expensive to levy. Levy instructions should request funds from the debtor’s checking and bank accounts first; and then to check for any Safe deposit box for sale in the name of your debtor. At that point, there is a decision to make, whether to gamble on the value of the contents of what is inside their SDB. If you can afford to risk the extra costs of having the Sheriff levy the judgment debtors SDB, it may be worth specifically requesting the SDB contents on your levy, when it gets served on the debtor’s bank.

Wall safes are drilled into your wall, between studs. You can install a wall safe when you are building your home or office, or you can put it in later. Most wall safes come with a flange so that you don’t need to re-plaster the walls.

Loaded guns. Hopefully this one is a no-brainer. If you’re moving with a loaded gun and want to take it with you, check all applicable laws especially if your move is taking you across state lines.

Many bank safety deposit boxes have two keys – one is held by you. The second (a general pass key) is kept by the bank. Only with both can the box be opened.

When traveling by car, keep your belongings locked in the trunk. Never leave luggage, cameras, and other valuables in open view, especially when the car is unattended. Keep all doors locked both when driving and at rest stops. When returning to a parked car check the back seat to assure no one is hiding there. Wherever possible, stay on well-lit, well-traveled roads. Be sure you know where you are going and have the necessary maps and directions so you don’t find yourself lost in a bad area.

Talk to a qualified, experienced divorce lawyer. An experienced divorce lawyer I know is fond of telling his clients that you do not need a lawyer to get a divorce, but you need them for the consequences of your divorce. He is right. You can likely get a divorce by finding some forms on the Internet or hiring a lawyer that advertises for cheap uncontested divorces. If you have no children, a marriage of only a year or two in duration, no assets or debts have been accumulated during the marriage, and you and your spouse agree on everything, then you probably do not need a divorce specialist. Otherwise, you would be well served to talk to someone who does specialize in divorce and family law.