All of us enjoy watching movies in theaters rather than at home. You may wonder what makes the theaters so special. The sound systems and the lighting they adopt are used to transport you into an imaginary world. But do we have the time to visit theaters and watch movies whenever we want? Often the answer is ?No.?

A commerical audio video is both a visual and audio experience. We tend to be more visual when doing our theater design, opting for the biggest flat screen or even a home theater projector. The other half of the experience is in how the sound feels when watching movies, television or even just listening to your ipod. Designate a point in your room where most likely you will be watching or listening and from there, make your audio design plans. There are even some home theatre systems that will do the sound check for you and optimize your system based on the sound it receives from hidden microphones. This option may be good for a newbie but for serious home theatre philes, there is some joy derived from doing this sound check manually.

If you own a Polk Audio, you have a unique piece of equipment. The speakers are shaped Triangular Polygon which does not look like any other audio systems out there. The triangular speaker is not just for aesthetic purpose but it also serve a function.

Hanging a Television is often an overwhelming job without the proper tools and with little experience . TV wall mount installation services varies in price from each company . It is usually under $500 for a standard Television wall Mount Is it worth it ? Hiding all of the visible wires is paramount to a smooth look . Almost nothing makes an AV installation specialist cringe more then visible wires from a mounted tv . The last thing you would want to happen is have your brand spanking new flat screen drop on the floor from an improper installation . The peace of mind may be worth the cost .

A good design will include proper room size and proportions, optimal screen size and viewing distance, acoustics, and lighting. In addition, the video projector, A/V equipment rack and surround speakers all need to be properly located. And finally, the design and finishes of the walls, floor, and ceiling should tie the the whole concept together.

Install the theater system yourself. Custom installation is needed for some theater designs but many can be easily done yourself with some careful planning. The wiring, cables and connections can be relatively easy to figure out if you follow the instructions.

Learn about the most recent advances in Home Theater big screen HDTV. Should you consider a regular TV, Rear Projection TV, Video Projector or a flat panel TV? Is it time to buy a big screen LCD TV and are Plasma TV’s still worth it?

These tips consist of three steps only but this can be very tasking too.Most people hate to go through all the hassle and would prefer to call a professional hometheater installation in los angeles. This will rid you of all the hassle and burden.Besides you’d still be spending money on tools and other materials.If you hire a professional then you can just chill while waiting for your entertainment room to be ready. this article provides tips and options for those who will install a home theater system. For more information about home theater installation Los Angeles please visit this website.