If you sell handcrafted jewelry, you probably experience times when your jewelry won’t sell despite your best marketing efforts. If you’re dependent on your jewelry as your primary source of income, this can be a very frustrating and even scary experience. No need to panic! It may be time to take a fresh look at your jewelry designs.

Carat – is an element used to compute the mass or weight of valuable and semi-precious stone. The higher the carat, the extra luxurious the diamond will be.

Next is the diamond Color. Color in regard to diamond buyers is more about the lack of color rather than the presence of color. Colorless diamonds refract the most light and have the most sparkle. Only a few rare diamond are colorless. If a diamond has color, it will tend to absorb light and take away from the brilliance of the stone.

Did you know that jewelers are actually allowed to advertise a diamond as being one grade more than it really is? This means that an advertised 1 Carat diamond with a color grade of G, and clarity grade of VS1 could actually be a .90 Carat diamond, with a color grade H and clarity of VS2.

Costume 黃鑽石 is also referred to as fashion Jewelry. One of the best things about this jewelry is that it is available in such a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors. It can be made of plastic, glass, leather, wood, fake fur and other materials.

These are the classic jewelry boxes we all grew up with. I consider “jewelry boxes” and “jewelry armoires” to be jewelry chests — the box is a simple jewelry chest, and the armoire is a fancy jewelry chest. The benefits of this kind of storage is that you can get one to match your bedroom or dressing room decor, and you can keep your jewelry out of sight. They look neat. But you will need a shelf or top of your bureau to fit the chest on. Prices can start at $10 for a simple box and go all the way up to hundreds of dollars for an elaborate armoire.

Next, you can send us photo or hand-draw the designs to us and we’ll craft it. You do not need to pay us any cost, down payment or investment for your new designs to be created. When we are done, we’ll send you the pictures of the finished goods. You can promote with the pictures or you can buy bulk or lot from us. You’ll be the distributor for your market for those designs you send to us, which means we won’t sell those jewelry to other sellers but only you.