Over the last few years blogging has become a very popular way to earn a living online, the reason is that it is very easy to do. Blogging basically allows you to have a website without requiring that you have to skills to build one. All you really have to do is put up the content and get visitors to the site. Once you have done that there are lots of different ways that you can earn money from a blog.

Make money online blogging – with no overhead. There are many online platforms that offer you a free blogging space and allow you to put your own ads on them. Write about things you love and bring in money at the same time. You can do the same thing with an online forum or any other type of community or social website.

Not knowing how to set-up your blog will kill you before you even get into the game. Ideally, you want to use WordPress and have the blog installed on your website. Never use a sub-domain from WordPress, as that does nothing to help your rankings or SEO.

This group goes with the idea that they have to grab each and every customer and they leave an idea of negotiation about strategic pricing. These are the people who want to grab every opportunity they get. They will accept lower rates from those who only want to pay lower rates. When it comes to higher price paying customer they will charge him/her a little more than a set higher price, as this customer is willing to pay.

Blog First, Market Later. Don’t jump right in by saturating your blog with marketing. This will turn away readers. Instead post about 20 or so see my pins, then let the marketing begin.

A huge advantage of blogging is that you can interact with your customers in an informal manner. People tend to be more open and forthright if they are writing in a blog, and you can learn an enormous amount from them. You can find out what their concerns are, what frustrates them, what they need and so on.

If you are still in doubt, I guess you need to spend s few minutes reading some of my FREE teachings which I will be giving away free as a help to most newbies. Hope you enjoy.