Now is the time to respond to the job ads and get your resume out there again! The number of job listings right now is higher than the last 6 months – jump in and respond to the job ads that you want rather than ‘take a break’ for the holidays. One job seeker yesterday said she has 4 interviews this week – the most she’s had all year!

For the professionals in the world, the ones fortunate enough to have a job right now will push aside real job search activity in favor of a rerun of Desperate Housewives or a ballgame. Study from the greats of time management and personal coaching. To a man you will hear the same message – turn off the TV, read a book. Read about what will benefit you, Fabio covered tomes are likely not going to get you far in your career. Turn off the news. Seriously, have you seen anything positive on the news lately? I cry when I see the 5 day outlook (so I live in Texas and can’t stand the summers, sue me!). Job searches take creativity and a positive outlook. Both are literally critical to the success of your next career move.

“Uncovering the Secrets of Today’s Job Market” is designed for people looking for a new job or just thinking about changing jobs or even getting a whole new career. The session will be led by Judy Smith, a icf australia. You’ll learn the 5 essential secrets of a successful job search including: searching in a competitive market; optimizing your resume, finding hidden openings, networking, and positioning yourself for advancement.

Scotty Bowman: According to the stats and my Cliff Clavin sports fanatic friend Dan, Scotty Bowman wins the NHL coaches award. His record stands alone at the top of the pack with 9 Stanley Cup wins and 233 playoff wins (all records). If you were lucky enough to play for him you walked out of the rink better than you walked in.

Career transition is one of those experiences where you can’t help but learn a lot about yourself. By engaging in a transition you are committing to stepping out of your comfort zone to make a change. You will learn what’s important to you, what obstacles hold you back and the enormous strength you have to go through this major change. Everybody proceeds on the path to self awareness at their own pace. If you feel like people are putting pressure on you to make a decision or get everything right, remember this. It’s your life. Only you will know when the right time is to start that new job, move to a new location or whatever you want to do.

Interview. Getting an interview alone is a positive step. Be prepared with questions and clear examples of how your work fits the position. Greet the interviewer and a firm (but not bone breaking) handshake.

This is the Big Kahuna. The Chief. The Big Guy. The Man. And yes, the real decision maker. This my friend, is show-time, this is make or break time, this is use all the knowledge you can muster.

Make a plan of action for your job search, complete with goals, deadlines and action steps. You’ve lived off your parents for some time, however long it has been, and that’s okay if it helps you get where you need to be. But now it’s time to step out and start making it on your own. Although that may be a scary prospect in many ways, it’s also incredibly empowering. Know that you can and will take care of yourself. You’ll figure out how to do it, just get started.