Firstly: how much money do people make blogging? Does it come anywhere near to covering yourtravel budget? Have a look at how much folks really get paid for blogging. If you possibly could make $250/month, which is a lot of ramen. Shoot, that’s a night out in Berlin plus a German rail pass.

I generally use Tumblr as something of a highlight reel for my work. I put the best pictures and videos from my travels, add links to my work on AC or articles that I have coming out on other websites. I also find that there are some really interesting blogs that you and follow on Tumblr based on a wide variety of categories. Most of the blogs that I follow are history or b√łker blogs. My favorite would have to be Anthony Bergen’s Dead Presidents blog, which reveals interesting facts about the Presidents of the United States.

Ding dong, get that door! A host should be the kind of host that does a fine job when answering a door, that is if the party does not have a door person. With a smile, a gleam in the eye, the 2010 New Year’s Eve party host should be as pleasant at making others feel comfortable as if the attendees were in their own home.

The answer is that we use blog (especially Travel Blogging) to save our past memorable experiences, photographs and videos of traveling. There are chances that if we store records in our personal computers, we have the fear of losing them either due to virus or at he time of formatting and upgrading our systems. A Blog, however, reduces this fear as it is the place where we can maintain our record of memories and experiences for ever and the best part is the data is perfectly safe. We can refer to those data any time or anywhere from the world.

Which financial advisor has ever told you or someone you know who has severe debt issues that the only way to solve their addiction to borrowing is travels blogs to go further in debt?

Dress conservatively. This is very important in Muslim countries if you want to avoid extra hassle. No mini skirts, shorts, tank tops or tight shirts.

If you need to stop to take a break during a road trip, make sure that the area is well lit, and well populated or staffed. If you stop at a remote location where there are questionable people loitering, you could put your personal safety in danger, and risk having your car stolen.

With this said, hosting a New Year’s Eve party can be quite a job, but one that will result in a successful entry into 2010. And with these New Year’s Eve party tips the host can be the hostess with the mostest!