Remember this original Neil Sedaka classic, “Don’t take your love away from me. Don’t you leave my heart in misery. ‘Cause if you go then I’ll be blue, ’cause breaking up is hard to do.”? Breaking Up Is Hard to Do has been revived over and over by artists of different generations.

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In this time while you’ve been away from her, working on yourself, you won’t have been doing any text message terrorism or crazy stuff to drive her away.

LM: It ranges greatly. At the time a resident moves in, the Nurse does an assessment of care needs and rates it on a scale of A to D. B and C are the most common levels that a resident is admitted under. Each resident is periodically reassessed and the care is adjusted as needed. Some of our residents have stayed for over ten years with us.

It means you don’t submit your resume anonymously. Instead, if you see something that This is my life you in the paper or online, you do some detective work and track down the name of the hiring manager so at the very least, you’re submitting your materials to a specific person rather than “to whom it may concern.” And you have a specific person to follow up with.

Make her feel like she is at the center of your universe. When you are with her, you should have your full attention on her. Do not let any distractions get the better of you and ruin the chance you have with her.

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