Food storage are you and your family prepared? Most people don’t like to think about the possibilities of a food shortage. If you are the type of person who thinks it won’t happen to you, please wake up. Reality is it can happen tsunamis, hurricanes, snow storms, tornados, droughts, earth quakes, floods, shaky global economy the list goes on and on we do not live in a perfect world.

The second part of your electrical system should be a small wind charger. 400 Watt models are modestly priced and readily available. Combining a wind charger with your solar system will greatly increase the amount of power you have available.

Be a Considerate Neighbor: Do not buy every battery on the shelf. Most stores receive shipments more than once a week. Everyone who wasn’t prepared needs batteries as much as you do. Buy batteries only for essential items – a gaming system is not an essential item during an electrical outage.

Small notepad and a writing device. Draw maps, reflect, sketch, laundry list, it’s essential these days to have a pad and paper available to record any thoughts that could slip your mind completely. sometimes these thoughts can’t be recovered. Prevents losing thoughts promotes attention to detail.

In case you are confined to your home, you would require proper food and drinking water for enough days. There should be enough things to eat so that you could spend your days in confinement without any hassle. Preparing meals and stocking it in plastic boxes is wasting food. You need specially prepared meals or dry food that comes packed in cans and it is available in different quantities and sizes to meet individual requirements.

Being a single mom of two girls you can only imagine how many ’emergency’ feedings I have had to deal with. Being on the go is something that we are always doing, whether it be going shopping or going hiking in Yosemite Survival Food is on the top of my list. My oldest girl is a food hound. If she gets hungry and there is no food in site, she has a fit. This has been true since she was a baby. This need has motivated me to find the best nutritious and delicious snacks for on the go ’emergency’ times.

Pocket Tissues & antibacterial hand sanitizer. Assume lack of toilet paper and a sanitizer when approaching a public restroom and have these items ready to use when approaching any public restroom especially theme parks and concerts. Prevents infection promotes healthy living.

The best way to prepare for an emergency like an earthquake is to prepare in advance and keep a clear head. Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family in the face of a large scale disaster.