Re-furbishing your swimming pool can be a great DIY project, but it does have its draw backs. Depending on how large your pool is, the extent of the damage, and the cost of repairs, taking on the task of fixing your pool can be a long and tedious task, one that is time consuming, and frustrating. There are many things to consider when taking on this kind of problem.

The Dana hotel and spa is not the largest hotel in the area, where near the size of the Trump, but that is part of its charm. From the moment you approach the entrance you feel special and once checked in everyone knows your name. From TJ to Preston the staff is as contemporary as the hotel decor; and Tim the head concierge is wonderful. If you over shop don’t worry; the concierge will pack and ship your packages home for you. If you prefer to ship your own packages then you are in luck, Fed-Ex is on the same block as the Dana and will help you determine the best way to pack and ship your packages.

Create an emotional snapshot. Basically this is an internalized emotional picture of how great you’ll feel when you’re with the right person, not what your love interest looks like, or what he or she does, but how you feel when you’re around them. Be outrageous and let your imagination fly. This does not mean thinking unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky stuff, like being able to suddenly perform superhuman feats. It means allowing yourself to stretch and believe in the beauty of your dreams. This will help you get in touch with and engage your emotional self. It will get you in a place within yourself where you really believe it can happen. If you don’t, it won’t.

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers: This club hosts weekly Saturday and Sunday runs starting at 8 a.m. at their clubhouse. They promise friendly runners, free coffee, easy parking and a scenic, safe, well-marked course stocked with water and sports drink.

There have been ongoing problems with the car park. At one point seqconcretecutting fell from the car park, and as a result netting and temporary props were erected. These have now been there for many years and there is no sign to a permanent solution to the car parks safety. (the car park is safe to use in the meantime and meets Health & Safety requirements) The car park was open,closed and partly closed many times throughout the 2000’s.

Trinity River Trails: With more than 40 miles of trails following the Trinity River, this trail system connects 21 parks, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and Japanese Garden, Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth Zoo, the historic Stockyards and downtown Fort Worth.

Valet Parking is $38.00 plus tax per night. Self-parking lots are nearby with rates ranging from $26.00-$32.00 for a 24-hour period with no in-and-out privileges. Self-parking lots are not affiliated with the hotel and the rates are subject to change without prior notice.