Thinking of making your own blog? Blogging has become immensely popular over the past few years. Some people do it as a mere past-time while others make it a business to generate income. Creating an online blog is easy. There are many host sites which lets you create a free account. You can choose among a broad selection of free blog templates to make your site more presentable.

Blogging is definitely not anything that would have one wasting their time on a computer, day after day and getting nowhere at the end. If anyone one wants to establish a online blog passive income stream today, the way to do it is through blogging.

To direct traffic towards your website, maximize the wording on your names for search engines to correctly index. It will be a requirement for you to maximize your titles to your blog articles, including employing proper phrases and keywords, which netizens will employ when searching the Internet for information. This shall enable your website to be visible within search engines, then your site shall be highly ranked with each of the key words, thus directing traffic towards your site.

Before choosing your theme, decide how you would like your WordPress site or repost to look. And how you plan on using it. Now you’re ready to choose your theme. Upload it and begin customizing.

Step 4- Do your niche research – It’s now time to do a little bit of research from your handful of finalists. This is exactly like establishing a business wherein you can earn income after all and at exactly the exact same time you have to’spy’ on your competition and find out whether the business you have put up is already’saturated’. Think of ways on how you can stand out against your competitors my friend. This is now the right time to think of an fantastic blog topic that would create a unique niche. For instance, you can make a blog about the’end of the world preparation tips and ideas’. This is just a suggestion you’d want to take into account because you can have your own ideas which are unique to your own blog.

Once you’ve identified your particular niche and two or three categories for your site, the next step is to learn how to optimize your site and articles for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search engines, like Google, work on mathematical calculations (little artificial intelligent bugs called web crawlers. Sounds like The Matrix, right?) . Anyway, these bugs are shipped out to your site by the search engines. They crawl over your articles, scanning for important pieces of data, such as key words or phrases, images containing the key words , word counts, appropriate titles, and more. The more these small bugs like your content the better your content will rank in the search engines.

Online blogging is the way to get money in a day. The above steps aren’t tough to follow but it does take a little time and energy. You will see that upon following the suggestions in this article that you may be up and blogging in no time when making real money.