The proper game would require you to play in a court with specific dimensions and a net. You can either play singles or doubles. However, for fun and recreation it can be played almost anywhere and even without a net. The objective of the game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net, within the boundaries of the court, back and forth. A point is won or loss when the shuttlecock hits the floor (in and out of court) or when it is caught by the net or when the umpire deems a foul stroke has been made.

First of all, you have to decide the usage of the badminton set. Are you using it for playing at a club, school or for competitive purposes? A cheaper set would be sufficient if it is for school or casual play. The rackets recommended for such usage would be made of steel or light aluminum. But if you are playing in competitions or tournaments, then you will need a carbon-fiber racket which is the lightest of them all and yet maintain its strength. A complete set should consist of two to four rackets, some shuttlecocks and a net. Usually, it also comes with basic directions of the game.

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4) Finally, from a lower mid court position, this last option for you needs a high level of hand skill to pull it off. Let’s say you’re picking up the shuttle low on your forehand side. Open the racket face as though you were playing the shuttle to the net on the forehand side. At the last second, move the hand, close the racket face and inject some pace into the shuttle and send it cross court to the net. Your opponent will anticipate the straight return and move towards this area on the court. It is very hard to suddenly change direction and cover a fast cross court reply.

Failure to warm up and stretch before exercise might result in muscle pulls. Not only does warm up and stretching help prevent muscle pulls; it will also help increase your performance when you play.

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The last item that is essential in a proper badminton game is the net. Yes, the net is important as it sets a height to where the shuttle must go over. There is not much to it when choosing a net as it is simply an indicator of height. With all these items above, you are now ready to go out and have a blast. There are several other items which are ‘add on’ items in the badminton set such as badminton shoes, headbands, wristbands, etc. Prices of these items are based on its brand and material.