Many companies have been “attempting” 5s for years with little to show for their efforts. Some have once again begun to roll it out once more after halting the effort a few years back.

Here’s a simple way to plant teamwork mindset in your company: create events that involve all your employees, such as sport tournament, music and dance events, team contests, etc.

Your company needs your direct attention if you are going to survive. Getting back to the basics, rolling your sleeves up and letting your loyal employees know you are in the mix with them.

What kind of employees do you have in your manufacturing business? Are they trained in manufacturing or did you get them through the local Temp service? Have they ever been in manufacturing before or were they babysitting or living down the street from you? Do you hire more inexperienced vs experienced people just so your wages are lower? Do you hire people who claim to have a degree but don’t seem to have used it very much?

Increase selling time. The only time that is real “value added” is the time spent with the prospect or customer. The time getting an appointment, traveling to and from locations, completing paper work, and attending meetings is an incidental necessity, but not value added. Do all of these tasks outside of the high value added hours. Increasing value added selling time can be learned using materiales lean and six sigma principles.

Finding the right software in an ERP comparison is like finding the right spouse. There will be a lot of courting and a lot of flirting, but there are many factors that can affect the relationship. You can think that they are the perfect one for you and yet there is the potential that a few years from now, you will be looking all over again. Carrying the analogy further, if you can find the right one who not only fits your requirements and is committed to not only your short-term happiness, but also is fully committed to making the relationship work, then you will have a successful marriage.

The Kaizen blitz is a powerful aspect of the lean manufacturing process. It should be used in the beginning to obtain dramatic results in order to break down resistance to the overall program.