This is a guided reading lesson on the book Owen, by Kevin Henkes. The guided reading level is level K. Using this book, students will learn how to go back to the book to find text that supports their answers.

The word “Pilgrim” means someone who makes a pilgrimage, usually a journey for religious reasons, to another country or far away place. Thus, the actor John Wayne was correct when he referred to settlers who traveled to the American West as Pilgrims. The settlers did not call themselves Pilgrims. They only became referred by that term much later in history.

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I would also have a conversation with the teacher to find out the reason why your child doesn’t want to learn the instrument any more and if possible, how the teachers resources can be modified to pique interest again.

Many teachers share ideas and methods with each other. Sometimes a particular teacher will find a way that works best for a particular student. So they share it with other members on the staff. There is always a continuous share of ideas among teachers. When a teacher leaves the classroom for the day, their work doesn’t stop with a time clock. They go home and run various ideas through their heads. They are always preparing for the next day.

Lack of motivation to practice doesn’t mean the your child wants to quit altogether. It could mean that the material is very difficult. Or it could be just laziness. Your child needs support from her teacher and you to achieve. Learning a musical instrument will be one of the most challenging subjects that your kid faces in education. But the value of musical achievement will make everything else in your child’s life much easier.

Find ways to immerse yourself in Spanish and make it fun. That way you aren’t following a lesson plan, but you are picking up lots of the language. These are some of my favorite online games in Spanish. Try them out — they work surprisingly well!