A catalytic converter is a device that removes pollutants from the exhaust of a car. In its simplest form it operates by using simple reduction and oxidation reactions to degrade carbon monoxide and other pollutants found in the exhaust. The catalyst is composed of precious metals, which facilitate the transfer of electrons, and convert toxic fumes into harmless molecules. The last part of the converter controls the fuel injection system by checking the oxygen levels in the exhaust stream. In this manner, the converter maintains the ratio of fuel to air that is close to its stoichimetric threshold.

These converters are constructed from a metal casing that has a ceramic honeycomb inside it. They are impervious to acid, oxidation, as well as corrosion. Their surface area increases what surfaces the catalyst is able to touch at one time. As a result, the catalyst’s efficiency improves and emissions are reduced. The process of pollution reduction is enhanced due to the presence of the catalyst. By using a converter for catalytic emissions, you can reduce emissions of your vehicle without having to sacrifice performance.

Many vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters, but they are easy to steal. It is recommended that the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAAI) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries advise that customers note their converters’ catalytic properties to assist in catching thieves. Once they have marked the converter, they should bring it to a repair shop for repair. Alternately, they can buy the label with the catalytic converter’s mark.

Fortunately, many cars today have catalytic converters. They function quietly in background of the exhaust system, cleaning out harmful gasses that can harm the environment. They are rarely a reason to be concerned, but in the event of a malfunction they’ll require replacing the entire catalytic converter one that is new. If you have to replace the catalytic converter, think about a comprehensive insurance policy to cover the cost of replacing the complete catalytic converter.

The cost of a catalytic converter depends on the type of converter it is. Since the converter has three precious metals it has greater value as scrap. Many thieves steal them, and then sell the converters to scrap yards for the hundreds. Due to this, it’s beneficial to recycle your converters if you plan to scrap your car. And some junkyards have begun purchasing catalytic converters to sell for scrap.

A catalytic convertor works by separating harmful compounds from the exhaust gas. It does this with an encapsulated catalyst chamber to convert harmful compounds into safe ones. The catalytic converter is usually located under the hood of cars, and appears like a massive metal box with two pipes coming out of it. If it goes through the exhaust system, the catalyst starts an enzyme reaction that breaks the harmful compounds present that are present in the exhaust gases.

While the technology behind a catalytic converter is as old as the automobile, it was only in the 1970s that it became a well-known feature. US governments began enforcing tighter emissions standards in the 70s and catalytic converters became compulsory on diesel and gasoline engines. This made the air cleaner and free of toxic gases. It’s becoming more commonplace to see cars fitted with a catalytic converter than ever before.

The value of the catalytic converter that is stolen is growing exponentially. The owners of cars should be aware of the fact that catalytic converters contain valuable metals like platinum, palladium, and even rhodium that can fetch thousands of dollars for each ounce. Even if it’s not your intention of using a converter to steal, it’s essential to secure your car from theft and misuse. If stolen, it’s worth as much as the car’s value.

Alongside Security measures are not enough, thieves may be attempting to take the catalytic converter you have installed. It can cost as little as $1 , and as costly as $200. They could be taken from your car simply by dropping them under the car’s hood by cutting the tubes connecting them. Once they’re stolen, you’ll be in the red for many thousand dollars. Insurance coverage that is comprehensive will help your assets in this situation. It’s worth the investment! So why are you wasting time for? Get your catalytic converter covered today.

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