You’ve probably seen the footage. The damsel tied to the railroad tracks with the mustacheoed evildoer standing by laughing maniacally as the damsel screams for help.

But who are the top stars in Houston now? Sure, Yao Ming is the biggest name a star, but who is truly the best player in Houston regardless of sport?

Things get confusing as the bride plans her wedding. To make sure that she has good memories, give her a Bride’s memory book for her to record all the wonderful things that happened during this time.

Guy Pearce (Australia) While most of Pearce’s roles have been small, his portrayal of the memory-less Leonard in the indie hit Memento gained him a good deal of exposure.

In May 2008, Shania’s fourteen-year marriage came to an end. Her husband Mutt was alleged to have broken his marriage vows and had an affair with the couple’s long-time secretary, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

She married Cecil Womack in 1967 with whom she had three children. The two of them co-wrote “the Doctor” in 1968 which became her final pop hit, this time under Jubilee Records. She was able to release two songs produced by Bobby Womack, her husband’s brother, then decided to retire from music in 1974 to focus on her family, particularly on her children.

The Body Shop has great gift packages already put together that will pamper your valentine from head to toe such as the Vanilla Spice Rich Desires seven piece set regularly priced at $75.00. For an equally indulgent yet less expensive Valentine’s Day gift set women will love is Bath & Body Works’ Holiday Romance Sensuality Black Currant Vanilla gift set for only $17.00. With names like these two gift sets have, this Valentine’s Day could become intense.

Back in her apartment, she rummaged around until she found a Bible on the reference shelf, next to the dictionary. She paged through until she found Luke 18 and she began to read…