If you don’t know how to use the lost wax method of pouring silver or gold, you don’t have to panic. Most custom pieces are professionally made after you place an order, and that is certainly an option. A jeweler can make a truly custom piece from a sketch you might provide or on their own inspiration. You, however, can create custom pieces using jewelry kits, online software, or a number of other helpful tools.

Make sure your blade is in place correctly with the teeth pointing away from the saw throat and downward. Hold the blade up to the light to see the teeth or run your fingers along the edge to feel the position. Gently Please!

Find out what size of ring the recipient of the promise ring wears. You can do this by asking friends & relatives or finding some casual way to ask his or her ring size.

He now makes one perfect wedding ring. Once finished this is called the model or master. From this master he is going to make tens or hundreds of copies all identical to the first one that he made by hand. In the jewellery trade the main casting method is called The Lost microfusioni a cera persa Method.

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The next step is gating. The fiberglass and rubber molds are gently removed from the wax mold, leaving an exact wax replica of the clay sculpture. Wax rods, called gates, are attached to the sculpture. These gates will create channels in the final mold, which allows for the molten bronze to be poured into the mold.

After allowing the molds to cool for at least two hours, the bronze can be uncovered by chipping the layers of coating away. The entire statue is filed. There is almost always some small defect associated with the entire casting process. Air can be trapped in the mold creating a gap in the bronze or a piece can break off when the bronze is freed from the mold. Delicate reconstructive surgery takes place by heating up strips of metal to fill in the holes. This process is difficult and does not always succeed in solving the problem. For this reason a perfectly cast sculpture with no defects and perfect proportion is a prized piece since only masters of the art of bronze casting can achieve perfection in the entire process.

Once your custom jewelry is masterfully crafted by an artisan with these and other techniques, the precious metal must be sanded, polished and cleaned. It’s at this point that the jeweler will call you to let you know that your custom piece is ready to be picked up. Now you’re free to marvel at the beauty of your piece knowing how much care and attention to detail were employed in its making. Just don’t forget to give a big thank you to your jeweler.