Are you tired of getting started with a diet and exercise plan with a ton of motivation… only to lose this motivation sometime after? There have been many studies indicating that most people give up on their diets within one to two weeks after starting. The biggest reason why? A loss of motivation. This is something that happened to me very frequently… and as a result, I wound up stopping and starting diets several times! The good news is that through lots of headaches and disappointments, I realized a simple plan to help me get and STAY motivated. With this plan, I had a ton of motivation to finish my program… and I still have a ton of motivation to stay living healthy for life.

Build anticipation as you think about how you are going to achieve your goal. Set up a plan. think it through carefully as you modify, adjust and refine it. Get excited about the plan. Write out each step with short term goals along the way and time limits for each. Post the goals where you can see them. Look at them every day.

Read, watch, and listen your way to greater inspiration. Start today. Who knows what you’re going to be inspired to do? Will you start the next great business? Will you make a key change in your life that brings you a new-found happiness? Will you finally get out there and start jogging, and revitalize your health? Will you gain a new insight that leads you to abundance and prosperity?

5) Think Positively – People who are the most successful at something: whether it be in the area of music, business, sports… you name it; they had days where they lost Get inspired. Even the people who are passionate, and were born with a special gift, loose inspiration at some point in time. We fight this by having a spirit of perseverance. We should have an attitude that no matter what, I will keep trying until I see results.

When people find motivation first, it is because they have found something they desperately want to work at every day. Their motivation grows and makes them successful at the job they are performing. They feel productive and thus, happiness follows.

When you’re feeling low, hope is what pulls you out of it. Hope is what makes you set goals. Hope gives you faith that you will succeed. And if you have tremendous hope for something, you will eventually get it. It’s the magic ingredient, and something you definitely need.

True motivation can be exciting. It fills you with enthusiasm and anticipation. You bounce out of bed every morning eager to go. Each new day is a new adventure to you. And indeed you can sustain motivation for as long as you want, as long as you try. Remember that motivation depends mainly on two things: emotions and imagination. Your emotions fire your feelings, and give you the urge to continue, and your imagination helps stoke the fire.