Do you find your employees’ enthusiasm and energy level down? Do they have trouble understanding what drives the strategy the management has set out for the company? Are they bored by their routine work? Do they require new air to breath? Do they need somebody to prod them to achieve more, do better, and try harder? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider hiring a motivational speaker to lift the morale of your staffers. The solution though won’t be drastic; however, getting your staff coming in touch with energetic person can actually give a good result in terms of their productivity and efficiency. These reasons are more than enough seeing your management consulting to invest on this part. This is a brief guide to setting about this task.

There were other things that inspired his decision to change careers. At the end of 2007 and just months apart, he’d lost a sister to cancer and a mom from the heartbreak of that and it made him re-evaluate what’s important. Recognizing his mortality he started to question just how he wanted to spend the time he has left on this earth. He knew that teaching was a big part of the answer and while he loved so many aspects of his job at the USEF, he missed passing his knowledge on to others. And so Gil made a decision that surprised many and got the rumor mills churning with many a false phone tag.

When a management consultants conducted a study a few years ago, they formed two groups of people to be trained in new systems and processes. One group was trained by professional trainers. For the second group, the professionals trained the boss and the boss trained the people. Immediately after training, both groups were tested to determine how well they had learned.

Restrike has been warmly received since its release earlier this month. Publishers Weekly called the book “absorbing,” and noted, “Williams treats readers to fascinating details of the art world before a colorful climax set at the Beaux Arts Ball.” Further, Kirkus praised the title as “a colorful start to a new art-world mystery series.” A second book is currently in the works.

We give the winning author a reception at which he reads from his novel and talks and, of course, a monetary reward. We have presented five Willie Morris awards, and our panel of judges is reading books for the next year’s award.

I remember a discussion about careers at my fifteenth law school reunion. I asked how many people would choose a totally different career from what they were doing. Almost everyone in the room raised a hand. Then I asked how many were going to make that change. Only a very few hands remained in the air.

That passion for riding and caring about the horse that was instilled in Gil continues today. “I am helping with the training of three horses every day. They belong to Shereen and Jeff Fuqua, the owners of Collecting Gaits Farm in Alpharetta, GA, who are both USDF Gold medalists. Shereen competes actively as an amateur at the Grand Prix level and I really enjoy the training at home and coaching at the shows,” explained Gil.

Be proactive by connecting the dots. If the client knew what to do, your services wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. Display your solutions-oriented acumen by bringing together all of the critical components and wrapping them in a comprehensive package.