In the last installment of “Claim Your Lane!” we discussed my opinion of mirrors vs. learning to become more aware of the area that one is navigating while on the bike. The next logical question is “What can I do to navigate better on my bike?” The first thing to think about is what I call “Taking the Long View.” This applies to riding alone, in a group, on a straight road or in a curve.

The con artists not only rip people off trying to buy cars and motorcycles but in all sections that high value goods are sold. Including Mobile Phones, Jewellery and watches and even businesses that don’t exist.

When approaching an intersection with no cars things are easy. I change to the gear I will need when starting, pull up slowly to a stop and stay balanced so that I can stay clipped in until the last minute. Then I unclip, turn the wheel the opposite direction to make sure that I lean in the correct direction, point the toe and “just” touch it to the ground while balancing on the saddle. I may choose to slide forward out of the saddle and put my whole foot down but usually don’t unless tired. This technique works great while driving a tandem too.

Under the hood you will find a 2.5L, 4-cylinder DOHC gas engine that uses the Atkinson cycle, an improvement from the outgoing 2.4L engine. The improvements can also be found in the 156 horsepower and 156 lb.-ft. of torque it produces. It won’t be turning heads as you drive by, but in normal mode it can surprisingly takeoff quickly. Most impressive was the seamless transition between the electric and gas jakt.

The Camry has never been known for its flair and style and by looking at the new exterior – it still won’t! The outside has not changed much, but a lot of the improvements can be seen in the interior and under the hood.

In 1970, the Atlanta Falcons football team was moved once again and became a part of the National Football Conference Western division, or NFC West. They remained there for about 31 years, becoming part of the NFC South in 2002. 1971 was the first winning season for the young Falcons. The Falcons made the playoffs in 1978. They recorded a win in the Wild Card game against the Eagles, then played the division game against the Cowboys. They made the playoffs again in 1980 and 1982, and after the 1982 coach Leeman Bennett was fired. After this, it was almost 10 years before they saw another playoff game, when theyplayed the in the Division game in 1991.

As the last track on Elephant Shell, “The Baskervilles” has some moments on it that stands out. The choiring moments by Tokyo Police Club is worth mentioning and appear on some parts of the song and never fail to create an impact on the listeners. They would go, “Alright, we tried to help…” As we get further into The Baskervilles, the track starts to pick up and the music just sounds as lively as ever. The guitar and keyboards work their way out here. Even nearing the end, Dave increases his singing tone and yell, “A toast to the last of a dying breed, they’re crawling back to bed, they’re falling back to sleep” to the end. A very strong finish by Tokyo Police Club.