Feeding your cat is a simple endeavor. With loving attention and care you will discover which foods your cat likes best. Buying name brand and upmarket cat food will ensure the best nutrition, health and longevity for your furry friend.

After that first ingredient, make sure that the following ingredients are not full of grain sources. Words like ‘corn meal,’ ‘gluten,’ or ‘wheat’ will tip you. It is very possible to have the first ingredient listed a meat source, yet the wet food is still mostly grain.

As you may or may not have heard there has been a huge pet food recall on numerous brands of dog and cat food that may contain aminopterin, rat poison. Yes, rat poison. At this time there is no news as to how it got into the food. It has been reported this has been the cause of at least 16 deaths as well as more that are very ill and receiving treatment.

While you have been in the “getting a cat” thinking mood, you also should have been thinking of finding a veterinarian. This person is going to become an important part of your cat’s life and yours.

If you are buying food for your cat, you need to choose between dry and How Much Wet Food for a Cat food. It is also a good idea to check if the food has been approved by Association of American Feed Control or AAFCO. The AAFCO has set guidelines that all pet food manufacturers must follow. Also, all the claims of the manufacturers must be first tested and verified. For instance a manufacturer cannot claim that his brand has the highest protein content unless it is tested and proved.

Having said that, imagine what happens to a cat if it is fed with a lot of carbohydrates? This results in cats that are obese. It is now common to find cats that are too fat for their own health. It is known that there are 35-40 percent obese cats in the general popular population of domestic cats. An obese cat has a four times greater risk to develop diabetes milletus than a non-obese cat. They also become too lazy to move because of their size. Also, they develop non-allergic skin disease because they have difficulty cleaning their bodies due to their heavy weights.

These are only some things to stay away from. Look to see if your dog or cat food contains vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and bacteria cultures to name a few.