A complex ovarian cyst is a mass or lump that develops within the ovary. It is filled with fluids and solid components that are surrounded by a thin wall. It comes about naturally when there is an abnormal development of egg cells. Sometimes it can bring about serious health issues if it is not treated, it can also be cancerous.

Fibroids can be troublesome and cause many problems within the uterus. It can result in your uterus getting taken out which causes you not to be able to bear any children. There are prevention measures that can be taken to avoid this result in the first place.

Surgery: If the cyst is large in size and is not a functional cyst, it may be needed to be removed by surgery. The cyst may be removed and the other ovary be left intact. This allows the woman to conceive in future. If the cyst is cancerous, the doctor would have to remove the ovaries and the uterus.

Obviously constipation could be a symptom for many things, but it is also one of the symptoms that comes along with fibroids. If you are constipated on a regular basis, then it could be fibroids, but it could be many other things that are much less serious.

Contraceptive Pills รับผลิตยาบำรุงสตรี Intake of contraceptive pills can cause this condition. It may take months for the periods to start after giving up the contraceptive pills. These pills cause suppression of menses.

The small intestine now has carcinosis appearance and during laparoscopic biopsy 10.12 tumor cells are found in the peritoneal fluid (ascites) and metastasis in a process near the liver. CA-125 rises to 60 and the patient is now given 5 series of Taxol/carboplatin until 3.4.2009, where the CA-125 has fallen to 13. The chemotherapy now was stopped, and the patient was told that she has a chronic disease. Since then the patient has not been given any conventional chemotherapy.

Medications: Medications like pain killers, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, some contraceptive pills or antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor.