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In the magazine they let you in on new release games, coming soon games, and Look at the games I play fans wish would come out. I especially enjoy the fan art page that they include.

I often call the next writer the “king of obscure” film. I know of only one other AC writer with the kind of wonderful expertise in B movies that Wes exhibits. His reviews are often funny and usually right on target.

Reggie Bush- This is a risky pick, but it could pay off in a huge way. Deuce will be back to carry the main load, which is a good thing for Bush. If the Saints utilize him in his pass-catching and other talents, he could score a lot of ways.

Georgia Tech is a running team, plain and simple. They are dead last in passing offense in the ACC and the only team in the conference to have fewer than 100 pass attempts (75). However, when they do pass, they are highly efficient. In fact, they lead the ACC in passing efficiency with a rating of 169. The Hokies are second with a rating of 164.

If Frank Beamer and the Hokies are going to win this game, defensive coordinator Bud Foster must figure out how to stop the triple option and still be prepared to defend the pass. Should the Hokies’s offense come out and play like they have in the last three games, I think the Hokies win this game, especially if Georgia Tech’s defense can’t get its act together.