Emerging technology offers a seamless transition from work to play. The same computer you use to work and the same television you follow your news and stocks on can double as your entertainment. If you work from home, it can double as the entertainment your family uses as well.

If you don’t like doing exercises at the gym, which can be pretty boring, try and find a sport you enjoy doing. Even walking in the evening is good. You can listen to your favorite music, or walk with your partner and spend some quality time together. Also, there are plenty of other sporting activities that are good for weight loss, such as swimming, cycling and running. hobbies is great because all you need is a decent pair of shoes. It’s generally considered the best way to lose weight.

If you are into console gaming, there is no more need for you to look for another device. All you will need is this touch screen mobile phone. It is not only a phone; it is a portable gaming console. With it, you get the power of Xbox Live. Prepare to take your mobile gaming experience to another level.

You can maximize the results by supplementing your efforts with weight loss supplements. If you search through the market, you will find many pills. However, only a few of them are effective. There are only three compounds that have proven to be an effective way to lose fat. You should go for natural supplements as they do not pose any harmful effect on the body. Green tea is a proven weight loss supplement. It has anti-oxidant properties which help in losing weight. Vitamin C also helps in weight loss. It improves the functioning of your immune system and also reduces the signs of ageing.

The OUCH Pro cycling Team (Presented by Maxxis) is a newly sponsored squad with an odd name and a controversial team leader, Floyd Landis, who’ll make his return to the sport Feb. 14-22 in the Amgen Tour of California.

The Xbox 360 is much more for hardcore gamers. Although with Kinect, Microsoft is heavily focusing around the casual market. You have to pay a premium for that online services, but the online offering will be the best of the three.

Now that you are privy to the secrets of the pros, it’s time to begin your training. You can do this! With these secrets and a great training program, your first triathlete will not be as difficult as you might think.