There are hundreds of searches a day for “sell my house” many of these people want a quick sale. However this isn’t always possible. Real estate transactions are far from quick or simple. I learnt this the hard way.

On a webpage ‘above the fold’ means the bit of a webpage the visitor sees as he or she lands on the page; the bit that can be seen without scrolling down.

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The Notice states that you haven’t made your payments by the agreed upon deadline. The difference between a regular bill and the Notice of Default is that the Notice is a legal document, filed in court. It states that the past due amount, plus the lender’s legal fees, is due by a specific time. If it’s not paid, the lender may choose foreclosure.

Your moving plan should outline the time you have between now and your move, and will list what your packing goals for each week, or day, are. Start with the items you use the least often. Pack up off-season clothing, the kitchen appliances you rarely use, and anything else that you won’t need in the next few weeks. For each week that goes by, pack up everything that you will not need again until after the move. Ideally, when you get to the last few days, almost everything will be packed up and ready to go.

You can save money each month on your cable and internet bills by comparison shopping. Call up different providers and see who will get you the best deal. Once you have a choice made, call your current provider and see if they will match it. You may not even need to switch carriers.

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