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Of course any of these bridal party gift ideas can be combined to make that out of the ordinary gift that lasts over the years as a special reminder of appreciation, friendship and love.

A: We cannot sell a timeshare if more money is owed on it than what you would receive for it after closing costs and commissions are paid without you coming up with the cash difference (usually a bad idea). How much did you pay for it? How much do you owe?

One of the best weekend getaways in Brighton we’ve had was to go to San Diego. Driving time from Las Vegas is approximately 5 hours, longer if you stop along the way for food and gas. We stayed at the Westin Hotel, located at 910 Broadway Circle, San Diego. The hotel was very clean, stylish and modern and overall, we were very happy with our stay. Expect to pay approximately $200 per night for a weekend stay. This may seem pricey, but the amenities are worth it. The hotel has an outdoor pool and an indoor jacuzzi, a day spa and workout facilities, a coffee shop and more. If you have an AAA membership, you may be able to negotiate a discounted room rate.

Monument Lake Resort is the perfect Weekend getaways getaway. It is located in Weston, Colorado. The lake is 100 acres that is perfect for fishing, kayaking or just relaxing. The 1930’s lodge has 20 rooms with fireplace to choose from. A guest can stay in one of the 13 cabins. The cabins have an outdoor fire to cook. Fresh fish caught from the lake. Fresh fish caught from the lake. The fish in the lake include rainbows, splake and salmon.

Make Your Relationship a Priority. Make time for your partner. Make time for your relationship. Keep it front and center so it truly becomes a priority and not an after-thought. Nobody wants to feel like second fiddle whether it is to your job, your family or your friends. Make your woman feel like she is the most precious thing in the world to you, because she is!

If your budget is really tight, you might want to add 10% to the total, but if you’ve carefully considered each of these categories when planning couple getaways, you’ll return from your getaway with only happy memories and no debt.