We live in a stressful world, admit it. You can say ‘I love the adrenaline!’ a million times and it could still be true but the same way your body needs rest at night, we don’t often pay attention to our minds. The result? Wide-spread, hugely denied cases of insomnia.

Try something new. Casperia yoga vacation destinations are full of opportunities to try new activities such as kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, rock climbing, etc. Exercise can be fun!

It’s tempting to want to pack every favorite pair of shoes and every one of the favorite outfits in your closet, but remember that you can’t bring it all, especially with today’s ever-growing charges for baggage. Typically you wear the same basics (khakis, shorts, walking shoes) every day. Force yourself to pare down by trying to create as many different outfits from two basic pants/shorts/skirts and two or three different shirts.

Extra yoga vacation Therapies. Most retreats offer you massage and other complementary therapies. When making your enquiries, ask if all therapists are qualified and insured. Check if you have to pay extra for complementary therapies or if they are included as part of the overall package. Some retreats allow you to have, for example, two free therapies and you pay for any others. Don’t be caught short and miss out on the opportunity of trying out a new massage therapy.

Clothing. Whilst this may sound silly. Check out what style of clothing is allowed on your retreat. Some retreats are very traditional and would expect you to cover up and wear tee-shirts and long pants; even if you travel to a hot climate, because of local customs. You may be discouraged from practicing yoga in shorts or a bikini. Likewise, if you are going on a more spiritual retreat, you may be expected to cover your hair if you are a woman. Rather than assert your independence when you get there, it is far better to find out what the local customs and dress code of your retreat is beforehand.

Horseback riding is fun! And what better way to leave the stresses of your busy life than to spend a few days (or even a few hours!) with horses? Horses are spiritual creatures, and just being around a horse helps a lot of people to relax and feel good. You could stay at a dude ranch or have a horseback/camping adventure. If you don’t know how to ride, there is sure to be somewhere that can teach you the basics on your girlfriend getaway. And for the ultimate adventure for the confident, why not try bareback riding? If you want to be comfortable while riding bareback, you can use a saddle cloth and bareback pad.

Such classes help you avoid the hectic life schedule for a significant amount of time. You can easily relieve your body and mind from all the stress and worries. You can even get rid of all the distractions that have been bothering you from a long period of time. Everyone wants to get rid of his/her problems and if you are one such individual then you need to visit a suitable retreat as quickly as possible.

Yoga retreats vary, some are like camping, in hotels, and others are closer to the resorts. Therefore, please ask your retreat organizer on the things you should bring. You might be advised to bring some special items like flashlights, bathing suit, yoga mats, etc. Be sure to inquire about necessary passports and visas if traveling overseas.