Think about how you felt when you first started dating your significant other. Did you get butterflies in your stomach? Did you lie awake at night thinking about their cute little smile? Take yourself back to the days when they didn’t have any faults, when everything was brand new and the possibilities for your relationship were limitless. Just remembering this stage of your relationship will help bring you back to that “puppy love” frame of mind.

Here’s a falling asleep quick fact on what’s happening today in the business world and worldwide. One quick word describes it all, uncertainty! That’s right; from Queen Elizabeth to Pocahontas they all might be asking themselves what’s happening with our economy.

Oh that reminds, the reason you fall sleep while meditating is because you are tired OR that you are going to a place within that allows you to access information that will reveal an issue you are finally ready to tackle.

If your patient is in danger or if you believe you are in danger of hypothermia and frost bite, there are steps that you must take immediately to avoid the danger.

One key element to resetting your internal clock is to get yourself into a bedtime routine. I know this may sound juvenile, but it does work. When you are suffering from insomnia, even though you are exhausted, your body gets used to being up at night and therefore makes falling sleep device near impossible. Here are some suggestions on what to incorporate into your bedtime routine.

Smaller meals do a better job of complementing your body’s metabolism. The time-honored three square meals a day can leave you listless during the long wait between meals. After you eat, you still feel sluggish because your body is overwhelmed by the incoming food. Preoccupied with digestion, your body out of necessity tries to keep you from being very active.

If you are in close contact with sick people, you may want to take Echinacea to keep your immune system resistant to the flu or cold. I prefer using capsules from a quality manufacturer of Echinacea. However, it should not be used for a prolonged period of time because it will lose its effect of boosting your immune system and be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.