You won’t find this on a list of business classes offered at any university in America, or even worldwide, for that matter. No one would sign up for “How to Destroy Your Business,” and yet, you might think that course is being taught because there are lots of businesses who are conducting themselves as though they had a degree in Business Destruction. How are they doing this? Let’s take a look.

The best way you should do it is build a blog talking about something very specific around the niche you are promoting. This will help you get ranked in the search engines and thus gain more exposure for your CPA offer.

Select the proper keywords for your articles and place them strategically into your posts. Your potential customers use search queries in search engines to discover the new websites related to their current needs. Ask yourself, how would one of your customers search for a website like yours? How would they search for a specific web page like one that you are trying to promote? The answers to these questions will give you your first clues to your best keywords. These keywords act as flags for the search engines so that they understand your content is relevant to that specific search query.

While social media has given us a wide opportunity to check how our friends are doing, but gluing yourself in front of the computer is more of a distraction than helpful. When you spend countless hours viewing other people posts and checking your notification box, this can prove to be a hindrance to you working more productively. Unless, you are a social media marketing specialist, then I shouldn’t argue further. When your work has nothing to do with these personal site, then don’t get caught up in this so-called social necessity. See? There are many things that will lure us to leave our day-to-day tasks. Don’t get screwed Being too busy (with Facebook or Twitter??) doesn’t mean you are really being productive.

2) Then use good ole Google or the search engine of your choice and search for blogs of people in your niche. You are looking for people with complementary products or services to yours. Those who are also active on social media will have links on their blogs to their social media profiles. So what you should do is to follow them. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Subscribe to their RSS feed as well and their newsletter if they have one.

Layer your keyword(s), then into your blog post. Be careful not to overdo it. Search engines frown on keyword stuffing. If you have too many of the same term Google will sense social media profiles that is your action and will punish you in the rankings. Just a handful of keyword mentions (two or three) can do the job. Make sure you include the keyword in your title and your meta description as well.

Start writing small articles 150-300 word pages on different topics that you are either interested in or have some sort of expertise on because you are in that particular industry. We will use these to populate information about you on all you sites.

3) A technique I learned is to add to your signature when you make comments on other blogs. Be sure to include them when you go to forums too. The extra piece that you want to add, “the technique”, is to put your title after your name. Example: Instead of simply adding “Carla McNeil” as my name I insert “Carla McNeil, Social Media Marketing Mentor and Coach”. That way people know exactly what I do without having to click and go elsewhere. Check out a forum or blog that you view often, is there anyone already doing this? If you see one do you notice that their signature stands out from the crowd?