Dreaming big always came easily to me, but achieving the goals which I set for myself, has always been really hard, but some people have made that easy for big dreamers like you and me, with SBA loans. If you’re looking to start your own business venture or company, then trust me, this is a golden opportunity and just what you need if you’re short of finances.

Nowadays, since we live in a microwave society, Boca Raton Mortgage Lender are now available online. It only takes about one to two days to get approved. This process seems to be secure, as long as it’s a reputable loan company. You would need to check it out first to make sure it is what is says it is.

And worse yet, the number of SBA loans is decreasing. For example, in August and September of 2008, SBA loans were down approximately 50% from the year before.

The bill supports higher loan limits, and the maximum loan sizes increased in the pre-established loan programs. The new bill also increases the 7(a) and 504 loan limits from $2 million to $5 million. Manufacturers may receive up to $5.5 million. The 7(a) loan program is one of the most flexible loan programs offered for start ups and existing small businesses. Most of these loans are gained through commercial lending institutions. The 7(a) loan program includes an Export Loan program and a Rural Lender Advantage program. Some businesses will be able to refinance and incorporate their commercial real estate mortgages into the 504 loan program. However, this only applies to owner occupied units.

Debt-to-equity ratio: What is your business’s total debt? What is its total equity (value when all debts are paid)? Be prepared to explain your calculation and show all debts and assets.

A. I am with you, but remember you have to qualify for that amount, which is why you get to select how much money you would like to borrow and then all of the key components of our credit matrix system is matched to your request. We always try to loan you for the highest amount, but you must qualify for it.

Maybe you have poor credit only because you grew up poor, but you’re actually responsible. It was simply you’re financial situation that held you back. In that case, you should start off small, like Bill Gates. Gates diligently worked to sell his first software, and his success grew from there.

Do you need more money to grow your business? You can raise the money you need with a small business loan through private lenders. Secure their loan with high equity hard assets as collateral. Use the excess cash to fund your business, payoff credit cards, pay your mortgage, or just about anything else you desire.